Does A Carpet Sweeper Work Better Than A Broom On Carpet?

Many homeowners, anxious to clean their grimy carpets, use handy carpet broom cleaners and carpet sweepers. Such brooms and sweepers are readily available online or at hardware stores. There are drawbacks to using them, but they are effective nonetheless. Have you ever tried to sweep up pet hair?


No matter how many times you go over it, the fur appears to slip through your broom, as if by magic. Back and forth, back and forth and you fail to get all of them in a single space. This is where a carpet dog hair removal broom comes in. These brooms effortlessly lift and collect dog hair and are a shame to the traditional brooms.

Best Carpet Brooms

Bissell Pet Hair Broom

This looks just like a regular broom, but if you take a closer look, you are sure to find the difference. There are nylon fibres hidden in the middle of is a set of stiff rubber bristles. You will need to twist the knob at the bottom of the handle, and these extend out, allowing you to sweep up dog hair.

This unique combination of rubber and nylon means that you can clean every area of my house with a single broom. While the rubber bristles are the best in trapping and collecting dog hair, they had issues in tight spaces and thin gapes, but that is where the flexible nylon bristles excelled.

You will find that you are effortlessly swapping between the two very swiftly. Use the rubber bristles for wide, open areas and switching back to the nylon ones when you are doing the corners and edges. Once you have swept dog hair away from these delicate areas, switch back to the rubber to collect it.

The nylon bristles swept up dust, lint and crumbs while the rubber bristles trapped dog hair into clumps. It is easier to bend over and pick them up without needing a dustpan. The handle is adjustable. You can increase or reduce the length according to your needs and stature. There is a loop at the tip of the handle if you prefer to hang your brooms instead of standing them upright.

It works great on low-pile (short) carpets and rugs. The rubber bristles can be extended that would make it easier for you to scoop up any carpet dog hair that is present on the surface. It is very simple to clean the bristles and a quick cleaning with paper towels over the garbage will give you a clean broom in just a few seconds.

Sweepa Carpet Broom

Despite being completely rubber head, it does not move or bend and remains rigid as you push it across your floor or carpet. Interestingly, the broom bristles do not collect carpet debris and carpet hair. Instead, they push it along into a neat pile. If you have hair under the moulding, in corners or trapped against table and chair legs, you will want to sweep this out into the open with a traditional, nylon-bristled carpet broom first.

A squeegee runs along the rear length of the broom head. You might find this useful in removing the stubborn carpet fur that was stuck to my floor. Running the broom over your carpet will pull crumbs, hair and all kinds of dusty things to the surface. If you have had your carpet or rug for a few years, you will be disgusted by what you find. For best results, use quick, short strokes with the squeegee side. This broom will give your carpet a new lease on life as long as your carpet is short. If you have a long, shaggy carpet, you will fail to remove the carpet hair.

Carpet Sweeper

A traditional carpet sweeper is similar to a carpet broom. Most carpet sweepers are manually powered, which means it only works when you push it. The functioning of the carpet sweeper is similar to the old style rotary lawnmowers. Nowadays there are battery charged carpet sweepers that can give you more effective cleaning than the manual ones.

One of the most common reasons behind the use of a carpet sweeper is that it is much quieter than a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, vacuum cleaners are often big and cumbersome machines compared to the carpet sweeper. These are mostly used by many restaurants to clean up between tables and does not cause disturbances among people who are eating. It is also a perfect method of cleaning up spilled chips or other little items at home is perfect for carpet sweepers.

Most often children at the dinner table drop crumbs and cookies all over the place and using a carpet sweeper to clean up the mess is quicker and easier than pulling out an entire vacuum. A carpet sweeper shines when you need to clean up a mess quickly and quietly. This is why restaurants and many other businesses are often using them.

Carpet sweepers work in a much better manner on low pile carpet or commercial style carpets. Using one on high pile carpets can often result in it missing many dirt items. The machine lacks a vacuum to suck things in and hence should only be used on low pile carpets. The reason the electric carpet sweepers work better is due to the brushes that are always running even when you are not pushing. This significantly increases the chances of scooping dirt up into the sweeper.

Since many carpet sweepers are manual or do not need electricity, they are ideal for someone who is living off the grid. A vacuum cleaner can be one of the most power hungry machines in a home and if every electron counts then it would be best to stick to a carpet sweeper. If you also live in a tiny house, then a carpet sweeper or just an ordinary broom would be better than a big bulky vacuum.

Carpet Sweepers vs. Carpet Brooms

A carpet sweeper does work better than a broom when it comes to carpet cleaning. The reason behind this is that the bristles of a broom are not designed or fashioned in order to sweep the minute dust or dirt particles amongst the carpet fibres. While a broom can only be used effectively by bending over and individually picking out the dirt particles from the carpeted floor, a carpet sweeper is designed to go through the carpet minutely and sweep out the dust.

For people who use a broom, they are able to dust off the carpet superficially but the carpet is still retaining the dust or dirt that has been absorbed internally. You do not need to exert physical ability in order to clean a carpet with a carpet sweeper.

To Get the Services on Call

Most of the people are unable to clean their carpets due to their busy schedule or some other problems. Most of the people who have dust allergies fail to clean their carpets effectively. Moreover, most of the people prefer the use of non-electronic carpet cleaners such as brooms and sweepers. These fail to effectively clean the carpet and make it appear dirtier and dusky.

We Ians Cleaning Services are reckoned as the best services of Carpet Cleaning Hobart. We have all the necessary items and equipment that are required for carpet deep cleaning. Our team of experts are proficient enough in handling all types of carpet. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products that have no chemicals, designed especially for the pets and people with various types of allergies.

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How to Reduce Carpet Odours

No one like to have a smell at homes, due to the dirty carpets. Although there are several things that one can do to reduce the carpet odors. The smelly carpets lower down the impression before the guests when they enter your house. The smell in the carpets with their usage is common. There is a need to get over this just by cleaning them regularly, by the use of the Carpet Cleaning methods. The experts offer the carpet cleaning and remove all kind of odors from the carpets. Also, you can do several things that are mentioned below, which you can do to reduce the carpet odors

Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Things you Can do to Reduce Carpet Odors

Spray the Baking Soda –

The baking soda solution is best to use in case of the general odours. The experts suggest spraying the baking soda solution on the carpet. After some time of drying, the carpet is free from odors.

White Vinegar –

This is the most eco-friendly way to treat the carpets to reduce the odours. It is used, when the carpets are having stains which are the reason behind the musty odors.

Vacuum Machines –

To keep your carpets clean and fresh, it is best to use the vacuum machines, that collect the dust and dirt particles which forms a layer on the carpet. Therefore, cause damage to carpets along with musty odor.

Clean spills Immediately –

There is a need to clean spills using the cleaning agent. If there are stains, dog urine in carpet and other accidental spills. Immediate treatment ensures the smell of free carpets.

Image result for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Freshener –

There are several types of carpet freshener, that is available in different fragrances. You can opt to use any one of them and keep your carpet fresh and smell free.

Ways to Prevent the Carpet Odors in your Room

Always open the doors and windows to offer natural ventilation in the rooms.
Remove the shoes before stepping on to the carpets, to avoid nasty odors.
Avoid the stains on the carpet by applying carpet stain removal at your homes.
Make sure that your carpets being vacuum cleaned on a daily basis.
Take care of the products and check whether they are eco-friendly or not.

Why do you need to choose us?

The smelly carpets are the reason behind the unhygienic environment of the homes. There are several ways to reduce unpleasant odors. You can also contact that offer you with the carpet cleaners that not only help in carpet cleaning but also remove the odor from the carpet. We at IANS Cleaning Services offer the best services when it comes to Carpet Stain Removal such as coffee Stain Removal, Slime Stain Removal, Urine and Carpet Oil Stain Removal.

Remove Oil Stains From Carpet

Use of Eco-Friendly Products to Offer Secure Services

  1. 24 hours facility to the customers.
  2. Use of the high tech methods to treat the carpets

To hire us to give a call on 1800 268 338 for the immediate services at your location.

Why You Need Carpet Steam Cleaning in Canberra

Floor carpetings take a great deal of mishandle in a normal single family home. Vacuums and other comparative devices complete a tolerable activity of keeping the floor clean, however they aren’t great. So as to have clean floors, you require the energy of steam.

 It’s not essential that you utilize a carpet steam cleaner frequently, however it ought to be done now and again. So what are the greatest components influencing rugs adversely? Here are two things that appear to thump on my carpet the most: Children and pets.

Youngsters are awkward. Let be honest. We as a whole cherish them to pieces however their coordination simply isn’t the place it ought to be yet! My children are continually spilling nourishment and drink on the carpet.

This stuff is extremely hard to get out with a vacuum more clean. Regardless of whether you run at the stain with a wet cloth and some cleaning arrangement, the carpet will even now look filthy.

Youngsters additionally have a propensity for not taking their shoes off when they go into the house. As I’m certain every one of you know, soil is a serious torment to escape any kind of floor. Help yourself out and consider steaming it every so often.

Pets are similarly as awful with regards to following mud into the house. Nothing is more terrible than returning home to a lounge that is simply shrouded in soil in light of the fact that Fido was moving around in the mud prior.

Much littler creatures like felines are blameworthy of this! The mud that bring into the home, however, doesn’t measure up to the next sort of pet stain we as a whole know about. I’m talking, obviously, about pee and excrement stains.

 With a normal vacuum cleaner, there stains are difficult to evacuate. Truth be told, they can even drive the imprints assist into the carpet, leaving a much more profound stain! Carpet steam cleaners, then again, inspire ideal to wellspring of the stain and wash it out.

Add an Authentic Touch to Your Home’s Interior by Upholstery cleaning

It is fact that overall appearance of your house is depending on the interior of your home. The interior of your house is the presence of the perfect couch and is advisable. When there is right and perfect couch in your home then you will definitely be able to make your house look fabulous. When there is installation of upholstery in your living area then it adds elegant touch to your living space. They also offer a design feature that does wonders for your selected living space.  They are able to insert attractive designs that are meant to be featured in your space and are also meant to ground your living space with color and connectivity. It helps to make your living area classy, beautiful and also provide stylish look. If you want to make your upholstery neat then you have to provide proper care which is very necessary in cleaning and also helps to increase the lifespan of your furniture. You have also hired professional Upholstery Cleaning Canberra Company that understands your efforts in keeping these items around for a long time. You have recommended that you have to polishing your furniture every six months by using a clean, soft, cloth and rubbing the polish in the direction of the grain.

Chairs_Cleaning (1)

If your upholstery has leather fabric then you have to take proper care to your upholstery. You have also clean your leather upholstery in home and this is done by when you have to adding a few drops of moisturizing soap to a slightly damp washcloth. After that you have gently wipe off a section of the leather upholstery, and you have to use another slightly washcloth to remove all the soap and after that you have to clean with a dry washcloth. You have to repeat this process over the entire upholstered area. In this case you have to avoid rubbing staining agents into the upholstery. The water-based cleaner suggested above will lift stains out instead.


You have also use steam cleaning method to clean your upholstery and it is very effective method to clean your upholstery. You have to use to clean your carpet by using the sodium borate again and let it sit for several hours before vacuuming. After vacuum cleaner you have using an upholstery brush to remove as many of the dust and debris as possible, have your upholstery cleaned using a steam cleaner it helps to getting rid of any excess harmful bacteria and also ensuring the infestation which won’t reappear.

Upholstery Cleaning

Why professional cleaning on upholstery is important:-

  • With the help of professional cleaning to your upholstery, it will end up saving you money and your favorite couch looks, smells, and still feels good after all of those years. It will ensure you that you have to save money when you looking to hire them. However, you need to make a research on the cost before making that perfect choice.

  • Professional cleaning helps to clean all the stubborn stains from your upholstery. These types of stains are relatively easy to remove if they’re cleaned up immediately. But when you don’t provide proper cleaning then these stains change into dark patch which can really stand out especially on lighter fabrics. But at that time professional upholstery cleaning has the ability to get deep down clean thus eliminating lengthy stains.

  • Professional cleaning helps to remove all dust and dirt and will also degrade the quality of your furniture over time. It also help to extend the life of your furniture and thorough cleaning will also helps to preserve these goods. Professional cleaners always choose the best methods and know how to treat upholstery with care. They will only use the techniques that will prolong the life of your couch.